About our Cored Welding Wire


Our cored wire can be used with manual, semi-auto or fully automatic welding process (GMAW) to create coatings that are highly resistant to abrasion with some resistance to erosion and corrosion.

The weld overlay contains blocky cast tungsten carbide particles embedded in a Ni-B-Si alloy

The Ni-B-Si self-fluxing matrix alloy has a low melting point (1650-1950 F) with very good flowability producing a clean and smooth surface

Our Wire Types


Nickel based cored wire with tungsten carbide


Nickel based cored wire with 40% tungsten carbide


Designed to repair and hard-surface a wide range of ferritic and austenitic steel. It has proven very effective to protect components in the oil and gas industry such as downhole motor components (fixed bend housing, adjusting rings, stators...), ground engaging tools and industrial processing equipment including mixers, screws, pumps and more.


The matrix alloy has a low melting point (1,800F to 1,900F) which allows a welding coating with a low voltage and amperage, reducing heat input, dilution and carbide dissolution. In turn this will favor repairability and minimize part distortion.